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Using Rails 5, Docker and docker-compose to build an authenticated JSON API with warden

I migrated my last tutorial from last year for an authenticated JSON API with Ruby on Rails 5 to using Docker and docker-compose

You can find the complete application on my github profile. It’s basically the same code described in my tutorial from last year but starting from a newly created Rails 5 application with the --api flag coming from the integration of the previously separated rails-api gem, now part of Rails.

I used the methods to bootstrap the application described in my rails-docker project. With this setup you don’t even need to have a ruby environment running on your local development machine, given you can run Docker.

I run the test and other scripts/rake commands with a simple docker-compose run web bin/rspec or I can even enter the docker container and run the command inside by using docker-compose run web bash.

If you are curious about this setup, please send me an email to or comment in the comments section below.

Have fun!

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